Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

NEW Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

OUT NOW, our NEW gluten free Chocolate Cake. A light, gluten free sponge, filled with a layer of chocolate buttercream icing and chocolate chips, topped with more chocolate buttercream icing. Warmed up, it's lovely as a dessert.  

In 2014 our bakers created two stunning GLUTEN FREE traybakes; a gluten free Caramel Shortcake (which is almost indistinguishable from our best-selling traditional recipe) and an irresistible gluten free Chocolate Brownie (that went on to win a Great Taste Award that same year).

A year later, we (very) successfully developed our first gluten free ROUND CAKE – A light, gluten free Victoria Sponge filled with buttercream and raspberry jam. The response was overwhelming, and we were urged to create gluten free equivalents to more of our best sellers, launching gluten free Cappuccino Cake and gluten free Carrot Cake later in 2015.

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