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Remembering Our Roots

The Handmade Cake Company began life in 1983 in the kitchen of Diana Maher, an exceptional cook who Anne and Andrew Perry turned to for delicious homemade cakes to sell in their coffee shops. Diana’s cakes tasted so good that, almost by accident, a new business was born. Soon the Perrys were submerged by a rising tide of other local customers. Their front room became an office, the garage turned into a freezer and the family car was exchanged for a delivery van. The new venture blossomed.

Whilst many of Diana’s original recipes are still used for some of our best loved cakes, we have a talented and dedicated team who develop a wide range of incredible creations, from the traditional to the contemporary. We have a thriving bakery in Berkshire which has A grade BRC certification and an experienced team of bakers and finishers who take huge pride in what they do. The number of cakes we make keeps on growing but our batch size stays nice and small.

Team Image - Handmade Cake Company

The Bakery

Our bakery is full of familiar kitchen tools, but on a larger scale, allowing us to hand make all of our cakes for that genuine, artisanal look and taste. All our cakes are scratch-baked (we don’t use cake mixes) using ingredients you’d be happy to find in your fridge or larder at home. We don’t add artificial preservatives or colours and we don’t use fats that have been hydrogenated or things that have had their genes tampered with. We only use free-range eggs.

Each cake is frozen, to lock in the freshness, and pre-portioned so our customers can defrost only as much as is needed, ensuring our cakes are served at their freshest, and reducing unwanted wastage.

Hand Icing a Cake

Expanding Opportunities

Mademoiselle Desserts began in 1984 in Dordogne, France, under the name Martine Spécialitiés. The company grew from 30 to 1000 employees over the following 32 years, merging with fellow pastry specialists Delmotte, 3 Abers and Délice du Palais, and constantly expanding their range, capacity and expertise in pastry baked goods. The company entered the UK market in 2012 taking over British dessert producer, Speciality Desserts.

Acquiring The Handmade Cake Company in 2014 has broadened the overall dessert offering. In 2016 the group renamed itself Mademoiselle Desserts, offering the widest range of cake and dessert products on the market. We are proud to be part of this inspiring group, and are looking forward to an exciting future!

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Watch us making our Carrot Cake

Not everyone is able to come and test our claim that we make our cakes by hand. So here's a glimpse of what we do at the bakery.

All our cakes are made in small batches - about 20 different cakes each day.

Gluten Free

All our gluten free cakes are baked in a segregated gluten free bakery, and they are all licenced by Coeliac UK. They taste pretty amazing too! (See last year's Great Taste Awards for proof!)