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Allergen Information

We're baking more and more gluten free cakes and traybakes, but we know there are other things that some of our customers are allergic to as well.

Allergen Information

Our Cakes

You can download our allergen information sheets here for all the important allergen facts about our cakes.

Allergen Info

POS Cards

POS Cards

We have a full range of POS cards to accompany our cakes, featuring our logo, cake name and nut warnings (if any) on the front. Turn them over for more allergen and calorie information. Please contact customer services on 01628 779057 to request your cards.

2024 Product Guide

2024 Product Guide

The NEW 2024 Product Guide is out now! Browse it online below, or call customer services on 01823 257922 for a paper copy.

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Loving Your Cakes

Because our cakes are made by hand, just as you would at home, they will benefit from a bit of love and affection so that they stay at their best until they are eaten.

We don’t add preservatives, so keep the cakes frozen until you need them, then defrost them overnight for use the next morning.

Here are some tips based on what has worked for us...

Waking them up!

If they have soft icings, please remove their wrappers before defrosting to prevent sticky incidents.

When we pre-cut the traybakes, we do not cut through to the packaging. So do run a sharp knife through our incisions to ensure a clean break.

Cakes absolutely love to be cut with a hot knife. Run a knife under a hot tap, dry it and cut quickly.

Out of their packaging, at room temperature, our round cakes need 4-6 hours to thaw and the traybakes take 2 hours (see individual cakes for details).

Please do…

Show your cakes off at room temperature. They get thirsty in a fridge so must be covered up if you have to use one.

Put your cakes on display with several pieces together. Cakes look lonely on their own and don’t sell. A domino effect works well for traybakes with the slices leaning on each other. Round cakes work best displayed as a whole cake.

Display round cakes under a dome to keep them fresher longer.

Place cakes at eye level on your display counter.

Use neutral colours on display items and let the cakes do the talking. Strong or multi-coloured plates will distract your customers from the cake.

Call and ask us for free point of sale support or any other advice.

Please don’t…

Show them off in a chilled cabinet uncovered. They will dry out and look very sad.

Put the cakes too near a source of heat. They’ll “glow” and deteriorate.

Ignore your cakes all day – they do need pepping up from time to time.

Putting them to bed…

At the end of each day, cover the cakes in an airtight dome and keep in a cool place.

If refrigerated, put in a sealed container to prevent drying out.

All our cakes will keep going for a minimum of 2 days if treated with kindness and some for much longer than that. The truth is that it shouldn’t take days to tempt your customers to eat a cake - let us know if it does.

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